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Comments about Laura's Presentations:

"Outstanding scholarship, a well-planned and insightful presentation, and an engaging speaking style."
--- Amy Lear White, Sidwell Friends School, Washington, D.C

“An unqualified success. I cannot imagine a better keynote speaker."

--- Deborah Fitz, Parent Education Conference, The Menlo School, Menlo Park, CA

"We couldn't have hoped for a more positive experience. Your keynote presentation was enlightening, encouraging and entertaining."
--- Marianne Kopech, executive director, The Prevention Institute, Columbus, Ohio

Reviews of her book, Our Last Best Shot: Guiding Our Children Through Early Adolescence

“The best book on adolescence written for the general public.”
--- David Hamburg, M.D.,
--- President Emeritus, Carnegie Corporation of New York

“A wise, moving and timely book. Her analysis of the problem is acute and unblinking and her recommendations are sensible and well-informed by developmental theory.”
--- William Damon, Ph.D.
--- Exec. Director, Center for the Study of Adolescent Behavior, Stanford University

“Your book is incredible! I have searched for a book like it for years.”

---Sherrie Leatherwood, youth minister, Tampa FL

“For a single mother, the price of the book seemed kinda steep, and it was worth every penny. Your book gave me hope that even though I’ve been the only parent in my child’s life for all these years, she has a chance to become the moral, responsible, loving, successful adult that I’ve always wanted her to be.”

---Kelly Rodenburg, Manassas, VA

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